Building Your Muscle Fast With Nitric Oxide Supplements

Nitric Oxide supplements are probably the trendiest supplements on the fitness market today. Natural nitric oxide on its own just lasts temporarily in the body. But there is an analog to generate this gas, as it occurs when enzymes in the body break down the amino acid called Arginine.

Nitric Oxide has been determined to control the circulation of blood and may actually boost blood flow. It also sends signals between nerve cells and can serve to transport more nutrients to muscle cells, helping the muscles to increase in size when subjected to stress that “pumped” feeling from working out.

It is these large, full pumps that bodybuilders search for when lifting weights. As a side note: Erectile Dysfunction (ED) prescriptions work in a comparable way to amplify blood flow (just that ED prescriptions focus on controlling blood flow in a different area).

The MRI Company defined this industry when they came out with the first nitric oxide supplement. It is believed that best nitric oxide on the market, but usually it’s also the most expensive. BSN, MHP and Pinnacle and Gaspari also make good nitric oxide supplements, but to me, they don’t appear to be as effective as the MRI NO2, although different people will have varying results until they find the one that works best for them.

The way to tell which nitric oxide supplement will work best for you is to try one for around 6 weeks. In about 2 weeks of using a nitric oxide supplement, you should be able to feel a “pump” after your workout and you’ll be reminded of this feeling throughout the day as you continue to feel “pumped.” It’s kind of like that “tight” feeling you may feel the first five minutes in the morning upon arising, before your muscles have had a chance to stretch.

If you don’t feel “pumped” and have a transformed desire to head back to the gym each morning after 6 weeks of trying a nitric oxide supplement, try a different one. If the first supplement you try doesn’t get you to that “pump,” you’ll almost certainly only need to try one or two others until you get that “good” feeling. Then you can stick to your selected nitric oxide generator for a long time.

There are no negative side effects of nitric oxide. It’s possible to have dizziness, some fatigue, headaches or diarrhea, as these would be symptoms of too much arginine or dosage of the product and they’ll go away upon reducing the amount of arginine.

There have also been some recent reports stating that certain ED prescriptions may lead to an abrupt blindness and seeing that some of the process of vasodilatation could be similar to nitric oxide. According to research, nitric oxide works with a different receptor and it appears that this would not be a problem. I still take NO2 and I really like it.

Nitric Oxide supplement called NO2 Maximus is an ideal blend of all natural and effective ingredients which are practical to increase the Nitric Oxide level in the body. The ingredients present in NO2 Maximus are meant to burn the excess fat accumulated on certain body parts as well as to increase the metabolism rate of the body.

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