Tips On Staying Motivated In The Gym

Everyone knows that there are good days and bad days at the gym. But how do you stay focused on your goals and keep at it. There are so many times when you just want to throw in the towel and say forget it. Have you ever wondered how the best athletes and bodybuilders stay dedicated to their goals and keep training harder, add weights to the bar, and consistently perform stronger and better?

When you’re talking about a single day’s workout, it might just have to do with awesome willpower and strength for that particular day. However, when we consider the toughest athletes’ performances consistently after each rep, after each set, and year after year, it has more to do with their mindset.

Let’s consider what works for these pro-athletes on a long term basis and their advice to those who want to know how to stick with the program.


One common thing that pro-athletes do is to establish a particular ritual immediately before beginning their workout for the day. This may involve taking a minute or two to get centered, maybe have a protein drink, or pre-workout supplement. These few minutes basically allows you to mentally drop all distractions and clear your mind to make room for your goals. It also helps you visualize and set your strategy or goals for the day’s workout. Basically, this is an opportunity for your mindset to shift to one of motivation to go forward with bodybuilding each day.

Having a ritual may not build your enthusiasm in itself, but being part of your workout routine could help to keep you’re focused on goals at hand and attack them with gusto.


When you have a goal that is competitive, you are more likely to stay motivated. If you take part in tournaments or lifting competitions. This doesn’t mean you have to take part in regional or national competitions to move towards your goals. This will just get you to take your workout more seriously and push yourself. A competitive target may just put the right kind of pressure on you to perform at your true potential.

You can compete even just mentally with your friends, colleagues, heroes, or even just yourself. Some athletes describe this like playing tug-of-war with themselves.


Social media can be a great way to get inspired and stay motivated in a lot of ways. You can not only access your favorite heroes’ pages and follow their progress and learn from them, you can post your progress as well and receive constructive feedback on how to improve. It can also be a great way for you to interact with others who are into bodybuilding and exchange notes, motivate, and inspire each other and even muster up some friendly competition. You could even join an online group of fellow bodybuilders. Looking at photos of those who are where you want to be can be really inspiring and keep you encouraged to keep working on your goals. You can also learn a lot about what works for them – and what doesn’t and implement it into your training. This will help you see results faster.


If you’re able to find a buddy to train with, or even a small group, that would be ideal. Training together helps everyone stay motivated. Not only can you hold each other accountable, you can push each other when it’s needed. Also, when you’re down, having a friend around can help pick up your spirits and get you back on track.

When you see your partner or member of your team take down a piece of equipment, it can make you proud and inspire you – it is incredibly powerful to train as a team. You feed off each other’s enthusiasm and everyone comes out stronger.


If you’re training alone, put on your headphones and listen to your favorite music. Make sure your playlist consists of positive, powerful, and upbeat songs that will pep you up and make you feel stronger. This is also a great way to hint to others that you would like to go solo for the day’s workout. It also helps to drown out ambient sounds like the equipment or weights or people talking, etc. Music can take you to world where it’s just you and the training equipment.

If you choose to work with a partner, don’t shut them out by putting on headphones, this is basic etiquette. You need to be there for each other if you are working together. Keep the headphones for days when you go it alone.

Your music playlist will be personal and unique, just like your weight training goals and fitness program. All of these factors should be decided before hand and well-planned before you reach the gym. Before training your body, you have to ensure that your mind has had the proper training.

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